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Winner of best client results 2016.

With well over 50 years of combined business coaching and mentoring experience as well as hundreds of happy clients, there is no question that we can help you create the business and lifestyle you are looking for. So much so that we are prepared to back ourselves and offer an eight week money back guarantee on all coaching program fees.

The Business Coaching Program

WIN (Whatever Is Necessary) 1 on 1 coaching program
The WIN program is based on the premise of “doing Whatever is Necessary” to get the results you desire:

  • You will work with an award winning Senior coach who has had no less than 10 years coaching and mentoring experience
  • You and your coach will develop an individual plan specific to your needs and goals.
  • You will meet each week with your coach to ensure you are on track and accountable to the action plan you created.
  • You have unlimited access to your coach throughout the week for deliberation or conformation to ensure quick results
  • You and your coach will create a new action plan every 90 days ensuring ongoing growth and results.

If you are ready and willing to make a commitment to your future in business then there is No Risk choosing the WIN program. Remember - we’re so confident we’re backing it with an eight week money back guarantee.

It all starts with a FREE Discovery and Strategy Session.

The WIN coaching program is not for everybody so this session is a terrific way to test the waters.

Before you engage in a program there is some discovery to be done to determine if you and/or your business is suited for this program. This consists of approximately one hour of pre-work which you will need to do before you meet with a senior coach, and another hour at our business training facility investigating and analysing the findings. If you are from a regional area or interstate this session will be done via Skype and is every bit as effective as sitting beside your coach.

The end result of that due diligence usually determines one of two things.

  1. You and your coach agree that this program is for you and elect to make a start on creating the business you always wanted.
  2. The coach will explain to you why this program is not for you. The great news is you will still receive the data with the strength and weakness analysis along with 2 to 3 growth strategies specific to your needs.

Either way you have very little to lose but so much to gain.

What is a Discovery/Strategy session and what should I expect to gain from it.

Discovery or Pre-work Session

The one thing in respect to business success that can be said to be absolutely true is “a business can only grow to the extent of its weakest link”. What the Discovery session, or otherwise known as “pre work” session, will uncover is the “not always obvious“ area of constraint/s. This is literally the tether, or tethers for that matter, holding your business back from being able to take the next step towards your dream business.

Strategy and Coaching Session

This quite simply is a coaching session and would be your first taste of what you would expect if you were to decided to join the program. Once armed with the vital information from the Discovery session you will sit down with one of our senior strategists, who has no less that 10 years experience and literally hundreds of success stories, to find the strategies to tear through the tethers and release the business to grow at the pace you feel comfortable with and thereby creating a balanced life.

The strategies discussed and recommended are tailored specifically for you from your data. This is not a “cookie cutter” approach that many less experienced organisations tend to provide. We are also completely respectful of privacy concerns and you can be assured of complete confidentiality. All material or data gathered for the reason of analysis remains your property and is treated with ultimate discretion

It is critical to note that even though this would be delivered in the same manner as a coaching session the outcome and strategies are only based on preliminary information you provide during the original pre-work. If you were to decide to join as a client we would require further, and far more in-depth, data to reveal a true representation and the individuality of your business which of course would drive more specific strategies. This is done via an Alignment and will be explained during the coaching session.

Procrastinate no longer

How the guarantee works

Business is simple when you break it down to its basics so none of what you will be asked to do during the WIN Coaching program is difficult. Therefore if you just stick to the plan and do what’s necessary results usually occur quickly.

There are no hidden conditions or strings attached. If after 8 weeks you believe coaching isn’t making the difference you would expect then all you need do is put it in writing and your WIN Coaching program fees to that point will be reimbursed. Obviously for the program to work you must commit to doing the work necessary which would include; attending specific workshops, planning and coaching sessions, as well as doing the advised activities and self education (such as reading books or watching webinars) in the areas of business you and your mentor decide need strengthening.

You can’t lose - you and your business turn a corner - or your money back!

Those who have come before

Our clients are more than happy to have a chat with you and share with you their success stories. You can ask them all the questions that you have and learn about how their Action Victoria coach has assisted them to achieve their business goals. Here is some of what they have to say.

Feel free to give them a call today.

Meet our senior team who share between them over 40 years of coaching experience.

Experience matters

Our team of coaches have spent many years in both in business and coaching and between them share an enormous amount of awards for their efforts which would quite easily have this organisation recognised as the most experienced coaching facility of its type in Australia.

Brett Burden

Brett is a quintessential entrepreneur starting in his 20's as a licensed telecommunications reseller. His business grew to the point that other business leaders invited Brett to share his thoughts on areas such as leadership, sales and marketing and this is where he made a natural transition to mentoring. Brett went on to join two partners and founded My Access, an Internet service provider that joined the Best of the Best in Australia in 2002. He sold his profitable business in 2005 and after a well deserved break, he was invited to relay his success story as a mentor. He is now a key partner in the Centre of Influence Asia Pacific Pty Ltd alongside Keith Collins and Michael Rady.

Keith Collins

Building from the ground up is Keith's trademark. He started in hospitality working for his family owned business before even entering his 20's. He attended business school to underpin his practical knowledge and started his own home services business which included commercial painting, maintenance, tree removal and landscaping. He grew his business with the aid of a business coach and over the course of running his business Keith was also advising, mentoring and helping a personal network of business owners. After he sold his business he continued to mentor and coach many other businesses for what has now become over 15 years. Today, he works alongside Brett Burden and Michael Rady, as a key partner in the Centre of Influence Asia Pacific Pty Ltd.

Michael Rady

Michael’s accumulated and in-depth business management experience has seen him acquire, build and sell a variety organisations. After an already impressive 15-year corporate career Michael developed MA Agencies, a manufacturers agency in the 1990s. He then went on to found the Utilities Management Group and consulted to major corporations including all levels of Government. This company was eventually sold to a larger conglomerate, Sirius Ltd. Michael’s penchant for acquisition continued in property development, and a joint partnership in a hospitality training company which saw him training its members on a range of business and sales skills. Michael then made the natural transition into business coaching, for what has now been, over 12 years. Today he is a key business partner with Brett Burden and Keith Collins in the Centre of Influence Asia Pacific Pty Ltd.